DLC Standardization

DLC standardization activities

JNDF has been carrying out a project for the standardization of DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) commissioned by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI). The purposes of this project are as following.

  • (1) A simple evaluation method for DLC which is based on its optical properties is developed; a draft ISO standard concerning the evaluation method for the optical properties of DLC is proposed.
  • (2) A draft ISO standard concerning the evaluation method for the adhesive strength of DLC is proposed.
  • (3) Databases for the amorphous carbon films containing DLC are made; the framework of ISO standard related to DLC is created.


The project has been run by the DLC standardization committee organized in JNDF under the leadership of the project leader. The members of the DLC standardization committee and the implementation structure of the project are as follows.

(1) Project leader

Prof. Naoto Ohtake (Vice-president of JNDF)

(2) Members of DLC standardization committee

Prof. Naoto Ohtake (Vice-president of JNDF)
Dr. Masanori Hiratsuka (Nanotec Corp.)
Committee member
Prof. Hiroki Akasaka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Dr. Daisuke Arai (RHESCA CO.,LTD.)
Dr. Tsuguyori Ohana (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Prof. Kazuhiro Kanda (University of Hyogo)
Prof. Hidetoshi Saito (Nagaoka University of Technology)
Prof. Yukihiro Sakamoto (Chiba Institute of Technology)
Mr. Masanori Tsujioka (Nippon ITF, Inc.)
Prof. Kenji Hirakuri (Tokyo Denki University)
Prof. Atsushi Hirata (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

(3) Implementation structure

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